[multi-account container] prevent to get the requests/responses in [firefox dev tools network monitor]

Apparently i face to a bug (or conflict).

I open a website (.NET MVC) - no specific container set - , then look at the network monitor (dev tools) in order to get requests and responses (ex : for kendogrids filtering/results).
In the main panel of the network tab, i can see the list of calls (status, post/get method, domain & url, etc.), but when i click on a request to get the details (headers, cookies, request, response), each detail panel is empty (“no [header/cookie/request/…] for this query”).
If i disabling the multi-account container’s extension, then re-open the dev tools + re-run the query (click button on website), i get all the relevant details, as expected.

Re-enabling the extension + close/reopen the dev tools + re-run the query : no details anymore.

I have tried to switch off/on the other extensions (list below), without effects/impacts, i only get the problem with the multi-account container’s extension : when the extension is disabled, i get the details of the queries, when the extension is on, i don’t.

firefox : 113.0.1 (64 bits)
in all these tests, network cache is disallowed.
installed extensions :
Firefox Multi-Account Containers : 8.1.2
Privacy Badger : 2023.5.10
uBlock Origin : 1.49.2

thx for future fix :slight_smile:

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