My replies to reviews are getting deleted

I’ve just noticed that one of my review reply was missing so I replied again and now I see it was deleted, again?!

I’m pretty sure the review didn’t contained anything forbidden :slight_smile: (it had a github link).

Can someone check why it was deleted?


Hm. I can’t directly investigate this, but I asked someone else to take a look. It sounds like the comment was reported by someone and deleted as a follow-up response to that. Unfortunately I don’t have any additional details.

Without seeing the message my best guess is that it may have looked spammy, maybe? But it was a reply to Group Speed Dial and linked to a the wiki on the fastaddons/GroupSpeedDial repo, so that feels odd. Huh.

Sorry I can’t offer more assitance.

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Thanks anyway :slight_smile:,
Maybe the person was really unhappy/angry with my addon and my reply (although super polite) didn’t helped (or came too late), so maybe he/she reported it twice.

I know that not every day is rainbow and sunshine, and my “intuitive design” is not always as intuitive as I think :smiley:.

Hello @dotproto,
Could you please investigate again? :slight_smile:

I’ve wrote a reply yesterday, made a screenshot of it and it got deleted today:

Link to deleted review:

Are github links forbidden or what am I doing wrong?

Curious. I’m not sure what happened here. I’ll have to tag someone else in to investigate.

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This is curious. I see a previous reply you made contained a github link so most likely can rule that out as the cause.

It must be the link, there is barely any other text :slight_smile:, and before it got deleted also when I used the same link:,-how-are-dials-stored-and-how-to-make-a-backup

But why? It makes no sense.

The only noticeable difference btw the link that was posted via your comment and the one that wasn’t is that your most recent one has a comma in it…maybe they don’t like commas in links? I’m just guessing here.

Hey @juraj.masiar your reply has been restored. It was flagged for moderation and was incorrectly taken down, apologies.

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Thank you Edward (and Simeon) for investigating! :slight_smile:

Still, it’s super bizarre… why would anyone flag it for moderation and why did the moderator approved it. And this happened at least least 3 times? :smiley:, crazy!

Anyway, I’m happy it’s not some spam filter, thanks again for the help and have a great week!

I believe comments containing outgoing links get flagged and your comment was not approved by mistake.

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