My replies to reviews are getting deleted

I’ve just noticed that one of my review reply was missing so I replied again and now I see it was deleted, again?!

I’m pretty sure the review didn’t contained anything forbidden :slight_smile: (it had a github link).

Can someone check why it was deleted?


Hm. I can’t directly investigate this, but I asked someone else to take a look. It sounds like the comment was reported by someone and deleted as a follow-up response to that. Unfortunately I don’t have any additional details.

Without seeing the message my best guess is that it may have looked spammy, maybe? But it was a reply to Group Speed Dial and linked to a the wiki on the fastaddons/GroupSpeedDial repo, so that feels odd. Huh.

Sorry I can’t offer more assitance.

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Thanks anyway :slight_smile:,
Maybe the person was really unhappy/angry with my addon and my reply (although super polite) didn’t helped (or came too late), so maybe he/she reported it twice.

I know that not every day is rainbow and sunshine, and my “intuitive design” is not always as intuitive as I think :smiley:.