Native app on Android and iphone

I know there is one for iphone, but it seems to support only English, I didn’t find an app for common voice on Google play.

My question: Can we have Native app in multi-language for Common Voice on both Android and iphone?

My requirement is very specific, it has to be this way, no shortcuts or workarounds.

In order to maximize the accessibility and usage, regarding the speakers of the Abkhazian language in Abkhazia, a respected category are heavy users of smartphones, and prefer native apps.

When you say that the users would prefer a native app, is there anything specific that fails for them with the mobile web browser version of Common Voice?

I’m happy to stand corrected, but from what I understand there wouldn’t be any functional extras that a native app could offer: you have to be online to use it whatever and the performance wouldn’t be noticeably different.

The Abkhazian still is progress.

I’m noticing how a portion of regular users use smartphones, they have been using these devices for some time, they are not very familiar with navigation. This category are mostly elders and people above 40’s, I think they will be interested in an app like this one, for them it will been fun to use, they have the time for it, and they know the abkhazian language better than the young generation.

If the building of a native app for both phones won’t be too much of an overhead for developers then I think it’s worth investing some time in it.

Hi @daniel.abzakh ,

Thanks for your feedback! I would also be interested in understanding the same questions @nmstoker asked about the mobile version.

I’ve been using the site from mobile browser myself with different people and the experience has been positive so far.

Note that we don’t have a lot of resources for development and in order to evaluate requests like this we really need to understand the problem and the potential outcomes, so we can weight them with other dev priorities we have right now.


Hi @nukeador,

I did some additional research, it seems that the mobile browser is sufficient to some extent: how to add websites to the home screen on any smartphone or tablet

Nonetheless, It would be nice to have the looks and feels of a native app, without any browser interface getting in the way.

I don’t know if getting PWA support is on the roadmap, probably a nice to have in the future, yes.