Navigation Sounds

(Peter Robertson) #1

Hi Gang.

Loving Quantum, much faster and less problematic now thanks.

One thing I am really missing though, and that’s sounds when something has completed, downloaded etc etc.

Navigation sounds are very important for a lot of people so I was wondering why they were disabled from this build?

Are the developers making any more or making them compatible do you know?

Many thanks.

PS I know they were popular just by the sheer volumes they were downloaded by.

(Jorge) #2

Are you referring to an add-on you had installed or a configuration option in Firefox? I’m not familiar with navigation sounds being supported in Firefox.

(Peter Robertson) #3

Hi Jorgev.

Thanks for taking the time to respond to my query.

It was an add-on, or extension if you like. It was made by one of the contributors of FF, but in this new version it is not supported.

Shame really, it was very very useful.

(Peter Robertson) #4

So the add-ons that were working fine in the previous Firefox no longer work with this New version.

Thats very disappointing because there were literally hundreds of fantastic free add-ons that devs took the time to write/code etc that no longer function.

I’m not too sure if this was a move forward or a massive step backwards!