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This is the support and feedback thread for Notification Sound.


Why does it not play a sound for every notification?

Sadly the extension can not listen for all notifications websites, extensions or Firefox itself produce. For websites this mainly affects push notifications. Extensions need to explicitly support it. Point the add-on author to https://github.com/freaktechnik/notification-sounds#extension-integration as a guide on how to integrate.

If you think the extension is not playing any sounds you can test it on https://freaktechnik.github.io/notification-sounds/. All but the Silent button should produce sounds.

I can’t hear the built in sound but the custom sound on the test page works

Based on user feedback you’re probably using Firefox Pocket Edition and this is a bug on their side. They don’t seem to support FLAC and WAV playback.

My custom sound doesn’t work but the default works

The default sound is a 2 Channel 48000 Hz FLAC file. If you convert your sound to that format, it should then work, too.

Doesn’t work since yesterdays update; on test site only “Custom sound” midi is playing, but not “Normal”

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Thank you for the report. I’ve just uploaded 1.2.1 which should fix the issues. If it still doesn’t work for you, I’ll need more details about your extension settings.

Everything is OK now. Thanks :slight_smile:

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The new version does not show text of the checked options and does not play the sound file that I browse and select.

I hope this can be fixed.

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What version of the extension and Firefox are you on and could you please provide a screenshot of the options?

using firefox 59.0.1 64 bit. I went back to your 1.1.2 which keeps my sound file I selected for the sound. I am new here so I will try to post screenshot for you.

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Are you on Windows and have clear type disabled?

1.2.1 does not save the custom sound? 1.2.0 can not play custom sounds, though that was fixed with 1.2.1.

Listen. since I went back to 1.1.2 and then reinstalled the newest one I think I have my file sound selected back. please wait until I get a notification and I will tell you. it won’t be long because I get them from twitter’s tweetdeck. I will reply again and tell you.

still the option screen looks wrong as I show in the screenshot.

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I am on windows 10 and do not have clear type enabled. Should I enable it? (I would like to now that I see that I am not using it).

I got two beeps since I last posted which did not display the notification (that happens) but did not use my custom sound either (camera clicking).

I hope this helps, I still have the latest installed and waiting for a clear notification (I tweeted something i know people will like)


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Firefox 59 has a bug with clear type disabled and hardware acceleration enabled that would result in such rendering issues as you are seeing in the options. Toggling either of them should work around the issue for now. See for example https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1209483

Edit: you can also test your sounds with the top left “Normal” button on https://jsfiddle.net/y5gj9tj1/10/

okay so I turned on clear type and used your test notify site and it is now using my sound. however the option screen is still messed up. I am happy to get my sound back, and I have all the options checked but I do not know what they are! no worries, having my sound back is what matters to me the most.

also the options screen shows Browse - no file selected, even though it IS playing my sound.


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NO I was wrong. it is not showing the notifications and it using your built in sound and not my sound file. I will go back to the old version until a fix comes out. I am sorry for the confusion, your test website works but not the extension.

I will keep this open in a tab and tell you more if you need it


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I assume the options are also broken in 1.1.*?

Hm, that’s really strange. Do you feel like you could follow https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/Add-ons/WebExtensions/Debugging#Debugging_options_pages and show me the console output you see (no actual debugging required, just a lot of steps to get some console output…)?

I can not reproduce this on my windows machine, so I don’t know what’s wrong.

Hm, the website creates a notification like any other site would, but I wonder if the extension can catch the TweetDeck notification to start with (as in, if that even works in 1.1.*).

Edit: I’ve just tested TweetDeck notifications and they’re working fine for me :thinking:
One thing I noticed though, is that it can take a moment for the custom sound to be stored when you select it if your disk is not very fast and the sound file is big-ish.

Thank you for your patience and all the info you’ve gathered so far!

ok I am using Notification Sound 1.1.2 and I finally got one from twitter’s tweetdeck and it played my sound (I wonder if it is window’s notification sound overriding because in your options it still shows no file selected but the play sound button IS my file).

1.1.2 is working right for me now but the options page has no text as u saw, but here is a screenshot from 1.1.2

I will look at that link and see if I can help.



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Something with your options page is not working out at all, sorry about that!

I also just remembered that the “phantom” notification sounds you may sometimes hear is Firefox displaying a notification, but positioning it in a place that you can’t really see it, usually above the top left or right of your screen (you can sometimes spot the drop shadow and if you click there it would execute the click action of the notification).

that debugging link you gave me is too complex for me. sorry.

yes I remember the phantom sounds, it shows a speaker briefly inside the tab for tweetdeck for example.

well I am happy with 1.1.2 so I suggest you not worry about me, and see if anyone else has a problem with the latest version. Carry on and I will try any new ones u come out with later and I bet it will be fixed.

thanks so much for your time this morning!


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Hello, I hope I am posting this in the right place. I am getting an error with your add-on when I try to use it. I tried Firefox 61 (latest version) going back to Firefox 58 but it doesn’t work. Here is a screenshot of the error I am getting: https://imgur.com/a/4jAKtXp
This error shows with either a custom sound or the default sound. Please advise.

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From what I understand about that error it means that Firefox does not know how to play the file. Can you open the file you’re trying to set as sound in a new tab and play it there?

Yeah it plays just fine if I drop it on to a new tab. It is just a short MP3 file. But it shows that same error for the default file and if I try to use a custom file. No other addons are installed. When I click browse and select the file, it shows this error: https://imgur.com/a/xZVrhln but when I click on play it shows the error I mentioned above.

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