Need Assessment for Marking up a Letter


I’m new to HTML and I’ve worked through all the Introduction to HTML courses and now I’m in the assessments part. I’ve done the marking up a letter part and i need this to be assessed.

Here is the link to my work.

Thank you very much!

Hi there @Onder_Aktas, and thank you for sending in your code!

This is looking really good — well done on some great work. I really just had a few minor points to bring up, but these are not big problems, just things to consider:

you probably don’t need to use a list here:

  <li> <strong> Tel: </strong> 123-456-7890 </li>
   <li> <strong> Email: </strong> </li>

Probably something like this would do, and work better visually:

<strong> Tel: </strong> 123-456-7890<br>
<strong> Email: </strong>
  1. With regards to this URL:

URLs don’t usually have periods at the end of them . It doesn’t cause a problem in this case, but it might do. Make sure you write them out accurately.

Excess whitespace inside HTML elements often doesn’t make a difference, for example here:

<h2> Subjects of study </h2>

But it might do, in some circumstances. Probably best to remove it.

Again, well done!


Thanks for the feedback! I will adjust the markings according to your advices.