Need for a better color picker [feature suggestion]

Hi all,

Front end developer here. Me and my team actually like Firefox more than Chrome or Edge in general. So there’s that ;-). We use the element inspector a lot for quick/minor design changes. This way we can preview immediately and copy/paste that code into our css files and deploy it.

Unfortunately the color picker is really limited and not super user friendly. Looks like it hasn’t had any attention for years.

Things that would really improve the color picker in our opinion, and make it great for everybody:

  • Being able to switch between rgba/hex/hsl
  • Having input field(s) that show the current color (rgba/hex). Not only for copying, but also for pasting and live altering hex/rba values
  • Being able to immediately pick a color in the browser/page window instead of first clicking the eye dropper button.
  • Not hiding the color picker modal when using the eye dropper or selecting a color with it. Especially this one is really annoying.

The lack of a good color picker prevents us from really using Firefox as our browser. I know, i know, that’s just us. But wouldn’t you agree these suggestions would improve the color picker by a lot for everybody?

Ideally it would be a replica of the Chromium color picker. That one is really awesome and works really well.

I hope this feedback was helpful and that the Firefox development team could consider this.