Need help with Community Blog

We have our community blog operating for some years. Our fellow Rep who made this happen has been relocated outside of the country and been inactive recently.

We need to retrieve a role that can create more authors and demote the spams which is now over 30000 comments at our Wordpress system.

Currently I am the only one who is accessing the system and writing contents. Sometimes we should let others post about their respective topics by themselves. We need more authors and we don’t know how to create ones with our current access.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Is the problem that only one person is set as an admin and that person is inactive?

Is the blog hosted by Mozilla?

One person is set as an admin and yep is inactive.

Both the domain and infrastructure was hosted by Mozilla not sure for now.

yes, the blog is hosted by Mozilla.



Ok, I believe if we’re hosting it that means we have the means to add
admins. In either case, your best first step is to email Reps council and
get their approval that the previous admin is inactive and that whoever you
are proposing to be admin now has the support of the local community.

Sure thing. I would send an email to council regarding with the case.

Thanks for the reply.


I am also willing to help as you can. I have experience with writing articles.

We have got this bug after I have contacted to Rep Council.

Just keeping you posted.