NEED my fast dial

(Shorts365) #1

I am disabled and rely on my fastdial for everyday purposes. I have over 50 fastdial tags, and am lost without them. I searched some and found no topics on the subject since it first came out where it says its not compatible, however I found them the long way going through bookmarks. Is there a fix for the add-on or am I just screwed. You would of thought they would of gave you an option or ran a test run, seems to many complaints out there

(Caitlin Neiman) #2

Hi @shorts365, can you try checking your Firefox bookmarks for a sub-folder named “Fast Dial?” Your dials should be stored within that subfolder. (Here’s an article about how to access your Firefox bookmarks folder:

Once you have access to your bookmarks, you might want to check out some alternatives to Fast Dial that are compatible with Firefox 57+: