Need to restart browser on first time add-on installation

(Ahmad Raza) #1

Hi guys, i have made an extension but a restart is required to make it work, how should i prompt to restart browser to use add-on?

Add-on won't start after installation, but when i restart browser, it works
(Martin Giger) #2

Why is a restart required?

(Ahmad Raza) #3

it just do not work without restarting browser :cry:

(Martin Giger) #4

Pretty sure that’s a solvable problem if you would share more details about your extension.

(Ahmad Raza) #5

Im using an api to fetch news from, using jquery and plain js to add data in div, it is that simple add-on.
btw add-on has some issue, its down, i will make some changes nd then will give you a link to review bro…

(Martin Giger) #6

So your content script is not executed without restart? Or just in existing tabs but gets attached to new tabs?

(Ahmad Raza) #7

it just doesn’t start…

(Martin Giger) #8

That is not an answer to my question. I’ll break it up:

  • You have a content script in your extension?
  • That content script is not executed after installation in valid pages?
  • If you load a page where that content script should execute in a new tab it is still not executed?

(Ahmad Raza) #9

can i send my code? im not sure what is the issue… i can send you a add-on zip file if thats fine…

(Martin Giger) #10

you have a manifest.json file. Does it contain content_script?

(Ahmad Raza) #11

no it doesn’t has content_script…

(Martin Giger) #12

Then do you add an event listener for new tabs or windows to run your code on but you never go through the existing ones? Do you use an event listener like onStartup to start your add-on? Can you describe “not working” more or provide some code samples?

(Ahmad Raza) #13 here is the link bro, can you please check what is the issue?

(Pierre-Adrien) #14

Sorry, but I’d say you have to do some efforts as well. This is a community for help, not do all the work in your place… :roll_eyes:

Addon only executes after restart