New Activate Activities and Other Changes


I want to alert about the availability of two new activities you can do now.

  1. e10s and Featured Add-ons
    Help us get more add-ons compatible with this next-gen brwoser technology so we can roll it out to more of our millions of users.
    NOTE: This activity is running only until November 4th, 2016, so get moving fast!

  2. WebVR Camp
    Having more contributors know A-Frame will give them a chance to get involved in one of the most exciting revolutions in the field of technology.

We’ve also made a lot of changes to the site recently, including:

  • TOC on activity pages for clearer structure
  • Theme update to make the site more visually appealing
  • Update to the roadmap. Visit this post to discuss the roadmap or suggest new activities.

And there are more exciting changes upcoming, including:

  • Overhaul of the activity categories to make choosing easier
  • Highlighting impact of activities
  • A leader board!
  • … and of course plans for more activities

Thanks for your commitment and keep on activating!

- Brian


Yeyyyyy \0/. Super excited for these activities :smile: .

I have one question & one suggestion-
Q : I noticed that the link of mozactivate page in the tweet (given below) also have source etc appended, will this be used to count hits from on this page from social media?

Tweet : I am contributing to WebVR Camp at @Mozilla Check how easy it is to #mozactivate

Suggestion - The links should open in new tab (target = _blank). If not all links, at least the twitter & facebook share buttons.


I have a question about the WebVR Camp.
In Italy are borning indipendent meetup about VR and I am in contact with the new one in Rome and they talk about A-Frame.

The problem is that no of them is member of the Italian community or a mozillian so I proposed to them that we can do it together a WebVR Camp they are the expert of the technology and us as community do the representative and track the event itself.
So what is the best way to do in case like this?
As Italian community no one of us is an expert or know A-Frame.

The same things is for Rust, there is a meetup in Milan (I don’t know them but luckily the rust community have a list of them).
For Rust we have newbie that are learning but not in the same zone so will be difficult.

So do you have any suggestion to interact with them? Because they talk about Mozilla stuff that are requested as activity by they are not member and probably don’t know the mission of Mozilla very well.
Sure I can do an event with them and talk about it but I think that the thoughts will be like a company that want to control them.
So my idea is like support with our presence sometimes.

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Creating partnerships with other organizations that support our vision (and technologies) is going to be key for Mozilla and our communities from now on. We shouldn’t expect all existing mozillians to become experts in all the fields, but creating these collaborations with the people who already have the expertise.

Think about it this way: How us, as Mozilla community, can empower the existing WebVR and Rust communities in Italy to have more impact? Where we can work together?


I am started with the VR and proposed to them to organize a WebVR Camp and shared the link with the agenda. I think that with an example of agenda and stuff already available for the event will be easy to join our forces without our presence every time in the future.
Our impact I think that actually is to say “We exist and we are here” so they should be the best way to start.

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@Mte90 This weekend Ram, with support from Srushtika and Kritika and others will be hold a VR Camp hackathon in Hyderabad. It will be great for us to hear from them and their feedback about what worked well and what they would do differently.

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Sure! In any case I decided with that meetup to organize after november so we have time to evaluate everything.