New Contributors who want to code

Esteemed Buddies :slight_smile:

If you meet a New Contributor who wants to code for SUMO, we have a wiki page that has all the details on how to help out with Kitsune (that’s the name of the platform):

The main contact person for Kitsune’s development is Ricky. You can find his details on the page above.

If the new contributors wants to code in a different area of Mozilla’s activity, please send them to the MDN:

Questions? Comments? You know what to do :wink:

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Has anyone had any coders coming their way in the last few weeks?

@vesper I haven’t heard of anyone yet.

Well I am one.
And since when I came I couldn’t find where to start (and yeah, I did look quite a bit) I started with app development then taking up a bug (sending a proposal to dev-gaia).

So the experience is kind of opposite for me it seems

Hello, @rabimba - have you tried to contact Ricky or or Will, as listed here: :-)?

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No I didn’t…at that time.
But right now I am assigned a bug :slight_smile: And working on it. I am more into Firefox OS (gaia part). But good to know where to go :smiley:

@rabimba great to hear you’re keeping yourself busy in your favourite way - good luck out there in the trenches full of brackets, loops, and conditions :wink: