New Firefox extension: Read Next - the reading list that syncs to the cloud

Read Next is a new Firefox extension from AE Creations that adds a reading list sidebar to your browser window. Features:

  • Add new links for reading later with just one click on the address bar button.

  • Reading list sidebar where you can browse or search for saved links to the web pages you want to resume reading. You can choose to filter out links that you’ve already visited, showing only unread links.

  • Keep your reading list lean and organized with options such as automatically deleting saved links once you’ve clicked on them, and highlighting unread links in bold text.

  • Synchronize your reading list to the cloud with Dropbox to make your reading list available on your other devices with Firefox and Read Next installed.

Learn more about Read Next by visiting the home page on the AE Creations website.

Testers Wanted! Read Next is in the beta testing phase, and is being made available to early adopters and enthusiasts interested in trying out the latest and greatest! For more information on how to obtain the latest beta release and participate as a tester, check out this post on the AE Creations Blog.

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