New MDN browser compatibility tables

Hi all,

After our extensive beta test, our new browser compatibility tables are now ready to be turned on for all users. While there are always things to improve, we feel that we are now at a point where the new tables provide more value than the old ones.

As a reminder, the new tables get their data from our Github repository, which will allow us and others to use the data in many more places than just the bottom of a single MDN page. This also means that they won’t appear everywhere at the same time, but will be updated as we migrate data over from the wiki pages to the Github repository. Help is very much appreciated for that :slight_smile:

We’ll turn the new tables on for everyone on Wednesday, January 24th, 1pm CET. Over the next few days we’ll evaluate the feedback through the built-in survey and roll back or make changes as necessary.

Many thanks to Stephanie – who lead the browser compatibility data table project until very recently – and the whole team for all their effort in providing MDN users with a much better browser compatibility experience, and a special thanks to Florian for pushing this over the finish line!

Thank you!



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It’s great to see these in production, especially on pages with complex tables like the CSS display property:

The tables still have the “New compatibility tables are in beta” sidebar, including the intro page on MDN:

It will be interesting if we get further feedback, but I think the new tables are here to stay.

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