Accomplishments for Q1 Sprint 1 (Jan-8 to Jan-24)

Here are some of the things the MDN team accomplished during the first sprint of this quarter:

If you’ve done something lately on MDN that you’d like to share, please add a reply!

The progress on interactive examples is huge, as is the progress on the amount of stuff in our new compatibility data store. I’m so excited about these things!

I think it’s also worth mentioning that some of our members were involved in the first in-person meeting of the MDN Product Advisory Board! This is huge, and I’m pretty giddy about our getting to this point. Having the major browser organizations collaborating in a big way on documentation is going to be one of the biggest wins for web developers ever, over the long term.

On my end of things, I’ve continued to make gradual progress modernizing and cleaning up the HTML element reference pages. This involves changes specifically intended to improve SEO, but also general changes to enhance the content, including text clarifications, adding missing material, and new and improved live examples to help demonstrate more about each element’s capabilities.

I’ve also been making changes specifically identified as part of the SEO experiment on content competitive analysis, completed the analysis to determine which pages to work on for the experiment on link optimization, and have moved on to making the changes recommended for those pages.

We’re starting to see the needle move a little, it appears, as a result of these small scale experiments. I’m eager to see how things work when we tackle this stuff full-on coming soon!


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Well, I’ll keep the “transpose all those marvelous new shiny feats into French” line :slight_smile: (namely compat data + live examples).