New Project for Localization: Firefox Relay Add-on

We have a new project called Firefox Relay Add-on on Pontoon ready for localization. It is a companion project to the recently enabled Firefox Relay Website.

A few locales are already enabled and these locale managers would receive an email with more detailed information. Other locales can be added per community request. Please use the REQUEST NEW LANGUAGE button to do so. If you are to localize the Relay project, make sure to localize both of them.

The testing information will be ready as soon as the set up is complete.

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The sync between localized and the core repo is once a day. To test your localization, you need to download the build at Click on the Assets arrow, and you should see three files. Install firefox_relay-2021.8.31.885-an+fx.xpi, then download the appropriate compressed file to your machine. The build is manual and is done every few days for the time being.