New Reps: Additional questions for the Mission-Driven Mozillians Project

(Michael Kohler) #1

Hi new Reps,

Last weekend the Reps Council joined a meetup in the Mozilla Berlin offices with different volunteers and Mozilla employees from different functional areas about Volunteer Leadership. Read more about this project and the outcomes of the weekend.

We ask you to provide feedback to the posted questions until the 4th of December in the general Discourse thread, so we can review it at the All Hands where we will keep working on that.

Additionally to that, due to you being new Reps, we think that you can provide valuable feedback and suggestions for the following questions:

Leadership should require renewal:

  • How do we avoid personal bias/conflicts?

Leadership should be diverse & inclusive:

  • Should we think about ensuring representation of regions?
  • How do we ensure progress while staying diverse and inclusive?

Leadership should be consistent:

  • Should we limit the number of tools we use?
  • Does there need to be a simplification of communication channels?

Community Experts and Technical Experts Should, where possible, be Separate but Equal Leadership Roles:

  • How do we check + define align with other cross-functional teams?

Looking forward to hear your thoughts!