New Reps Logo

Hi there fellow Reps,

As part of the Mozilla rebranding, Reps will have to get (more or less) a visual makeover as well.

Starting from the logo (surprise surprise) we will have to adhere to the new guidelines, where I’m personally involved as well as staff.

I have prepared a proposal which we would love to get your feedback on:

Now this respects the branding guidelines we created apart 2 elements:

  • Color: We keep the same color Reps had as the project has quite some legacy and I think it can be excused to make an exception
  • Icon Mark: We are aiming for pixelized icons for the new logos but same reason here as well, the Reps icon is quite iconic and we might want to keep it like that (this will also make the transition of producing new swag smoother)

I have created a new GitHub issue for this on our Open Design repo. I’d invite you to share your thoughts so we can move this forward:


I think with the icon the logo became very large, have the possibility to use without the icon?

I think that should be possible if needed

I like the logo, but there is only one part I would like to see improved of possible… it is only the “reps” word that doesn’t pass the ideal feeling that personally I would expect from a Global program. I have the feeling that Reps are the core element when it comes to executing Mozilla initiatives, etc, etc. Thr logo should make that also Visible and appreciative for people seeing it. This is the Reps logo of Mozilla, not the Mozilla reps logo.

Thanks for the good work,

Dave Villacreses

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For me 2 things:

  1. the red surrounded text looks out of place in that lower section (might it work with the logo next to to it?)
  2. I’d like to see a test all the text with a black border (can’t quite work out if the balance is out due to placement as above, or colour)

I said on Telegram that I won’t comment but there’s one thing I think I should state:

At first look, when seeing this logo draft, it looks for me as though the icon belongs to “mozilla” and not like it is specific to “reps”. Not sure how to solve this, though.

Any update on this rebranding?

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Discussion continues HERE.

Github Issue has been closed for 6 months.

I’m assuming this is a blocker for many people in ordering branded items: new polo shirts, business cards, stickers etc. As chair, is there any further news available from Reps Council @couci?

VERY rough test. Pixels are dying without original resources. Used color-picker to source color from old logo. Icon & text balance seems more in-line with stickers on my laptop, reflecting those from MDN web docs rebranding (note the capitalization of MDN) and Mozfest. I went with font as seen here in Discourse - a capitalized ‘R’. Feels more balanced to me. Also shunted up the ‘Reps’ to have a complete border of color and not be aligned to bottom. Checks represent transparency.


Test: Screenshot%20from%202018-03-25%2012-31-51

And if I use the color-picker to instead grab the color used here in discourse…

Test 2: Screenshot%20from%202018-03-25%2012-49-40

(this is my personal favourite though of course icon needs sharpening and likely look nicer reduced slightly so aligned with top of ‘m’ and bottom of ‘R’)

And Konstantina in the other thread wanted to see the legacy icon/shield. Again excuse any off-styleguide and roughness. Just a test, hey.

Test3: Screenshot%20from%202018-03-25%2013-16-52

Test 4: Screenshot%20from%202018-03-25%2013-26-31

Test 5: Screenshot%20from%202018-03-25%2013-41-32

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i like where this test (5) is going, may bey better with the shield?

Test 6: Screenshot%20from%202018-03-25%2019-14-38

Test 7 : Screenshot%20from%202018-03-25%2019-17-12

The shield is harder to visually balance with the Zilla Slab font, as it’s taller than wide.

Test 8: Screenshot%20from%202018-03-25%2019-47-56

Test 9: Screenshot%20from%202018-03-25%2019-53-52

Test 10: Screenshot%20from%202018-03-25%2020-09-43

My new personal fave.

Test 11: Screenshot%20from%202018-03-25%2020-36-13

improvement on 9?

Further to the point I make HERE an attempt to be more inclusive…

Test 12: Screenshot%20from%202018-03-25%2020-56-01

It is not easy, @Elio that made the prototype in the other thread had to follow the guidelines for the branding so there are different reason of that prototype made in that way.

in few words the issues actually that the Reps logo has (as I can remember):

  • In the guidelines wasn’t clear about if we can use our specific red and not the defined in the manual
  • if we want to change the icon that we are using

I suggest to read, as Council we stopped working on that because we had and have issue with more priority and until the guildelines wasn’t clear for us we preferred to work on something else.