New Twitter Experiment - help test before we go live

Hi everyone

As you know, our Objective 1 KR3 is “Increase number of authors for Reps tweets to 10 people”. A fellow contributor from the Swiss community has come up with a system which enables Github issues to be tweeted. We can now use this for Reps as an experiment! Before we set it up on the official Reps Twitter account, I’d like to get some help testing this to make sure it doesn’t have obvious bugs.

Every Rep can help test this! I will leave this testing phase open until September 12th, then we can make a decision in Council on setting it up for the Reps account to officially start the experiment.

How to tweet

  • Head to
  • Create a new issue using the predefined template
  • Remove the “Schedule” block if you don’t want to have a scheduled tweet (please note that scheduled tweets currently use UTC+2 as timezone)
  • Verify the project board (Note: it takes 1 minute to show up on the board once you created a new issue). If your issue shows up there, it works!
  • Reps Council members have access to the board to move issues (this is the content review step)
  • Once the issue is approved, the tweet will be tweeted to
  • For ReTweet formats, check out this issue

How to approve

This is Council members only right now, happy to give others access for this testing phase as well on a trust basis - my decision as it is connected to my account and I will only give out access to people that I’ve previously worked with closely.

  • Move an issue from “Ideas” to “To Tweet” in the project board

Where to check for the tweet

File issues

If there are any issues you encounter, please tell me here or file an issue in and me and Martin will have a look.

Next steps

  • Testing phase open to all Reps until September 12th
  • Council makes decision on quality
  • If we agree to continue, we will set it up on the official Reps account
  • Once that is done, everybody can bring in ideas on tweets for the official Reps account

You can find the source code here:

Have fun testing!


@mkohler where is the node server running once this is launched officially? Do we want to put this into a Docker container and run it on ParSys infra?

(cc @yousef)

Since you are offering, it would be rude to decline, right? :wink:

I’ve created to create a Dockerfile (happy to get a PR for it :)).

/cc @freaktechnik

Known issue so far: we have a problem with caching, once a tweet content is market as invalid, it won’t be revalidated. We will look into this.

As long as your issue is valid (has tweet content and - if there is a section for the schedule the right date format) it will still work.

The issue mentioned before regarding re-validating invalid tweets has been fixed and works perfectly well now. I’ll leave this testing phase open until the end of the next week.

Everyone, please help test :slight_smile: