Create Tweets for the Reps Twitter Account

Hi everyone

After testing the “Content Queue” project on a test account, I’m happy to announce that all Reps can now suggest tweets for the Mozilla Reps Twitter account. This is part of an ongoing communication experiment.

How to suggest a tweet
Tweets can be suggested by anyone who has a GitHub account. Head over to the repository and create an issue. Tweets need to have a specific format, you can read all about the format in the CONTRIBUTE file. In most cases the already existing template should be enough for you. Tweets will be screened by Council/Peers and if they are okay, approved and they will be automatically tweeted.

More information in the Reps Call
We will talk about this new tool in the Reps Call on Thursday. It will happen on Thursday, 16:00 UTC in Vidyo. Keep an eye out on this category, there will be an announcement posted with all necessary links.

More background information
If you want to read more about how this tool was developed and where the idea is coming from, please read Martin’s blogpost. This is an amazing example of how community tools can help Mozilla communities to better distribute responsibilities and encourage other contributors to help out.

Special thanks
Also a big thanks to @yousef and @hmitsch who helped to get this hosted on ParSys infrastructure and to everybody who helped to test this. Of course I’d also like to thank @freaktechnik to do almost all the work to develop this. :slight_smile:

Next steps
As this tool is not fully bullet-proof, we are still experimenting with this. If this experiment is successful (at least 30 tweets until the end of the year, by at least 10 different authors) and there are no major bugs, we will finish this experiment and make this permanent.

As the Switzerland community is also using this for the Mozilla Switzerland Twitter account, we are also testing if this works for regional communities. We are happy to hear from you if you want to have your own GitHub repository for tweets for your functional/regional community twitter account. Of course this will need to come with some explanation on how the whole governance will be structured to make sure that this will be a completely fair way to have several authors being able to tweet from a community account.

We are looking forward to your tweet suggestions!