Newer Manifest v3 Information? (Scope, timeline, etc.)

Has there been any newer updates since the initial discussion in May 2021 for how Firefox is going to handle the transition to Manifest v3? (My biggest concern is what they end up doing around background pages and potentially breaking addons that are no longer being updated)

I see that Chrome has finally published their timelines to transition to Manifest v3.

January 17, 2022 : New Manifest V2 extensions will no longer be accepted by the Chrome Web Store. Developers may still push updates to existing Manifest V2 extensions, but no new Manifest V2 items may be submitted.

January 2023 : The Chrome browser will no longer run Manifest V2 extensions. Developers may no longer push updates to existing Manifest V2 extensions.

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There is work under way on various bits and pieces, but I don’t know of a roadmap document.

Meta bug:

Thank you sir. I was able to find in the dependency tree the item they are using to track deprecating background pages. ( There doesn’t seem to be a definitive yes or no if they are going to do that yet. Most of the comments are concerns from addon developers about different aspects of that change.

Well, hopefully with Chrome publishing dates for their changes that Mozilla will provide us an update on what they are thinking.

The WebExtensions GitHub for the working group is likely of interest, in particular the issues and past meeting minutes as there is discussion about the limitations of service workers as Chrome currently has implemented.

Thanks @zephyr for that link! I’m glad to see they are continuing to talk about related topics. I do see they have an issue for scenarios not well serviced by service workers. ( Hopefully Mozilla is tied into this process and they are considering these conversations with their implementation of Manifest v3.

Yes, Mozilla has active representation there, see the attendees list from a relevant meeting minutes. As far as the discussion goes, I appreciated Rob Wu’s insight on this related issue.