Newsletter which general news on the project?

(Robert Orzanna) #1

Anything upcoming? Would love to hear how the project is doing and going. :slight_smile:

(Michael Henretty) #2

Hi Robert,

Yeah, we need to update you all on the status of Common Voice. I think Discourse is a great place to do that. It’s on our list todo, but am not sure when we will get around to it yet.

To give you an update though, on the website we are doing several things:

  • User research to understand if we can streamline the donate process
  • Adding user profiles
  • Adding a stats page (e.g. number of visitors a day, number of hours of data, etc)
  • Publishing a first version of the data
  • Add some “gamification” features (badgets, leaderboards, etc)

We hope to accomplish most of the above this year. Then starting early 2018, we will focus everything on making Common Voice multilingual. That’s where things really get interesting!

(Robert Orzanna) #3

That’s great, thanks for the update. :slight_smile:

That tells me that voice is not going to be terminated any time soon.