Nightly 57 is coming **soon!**

Earlier today I noticed that Nightly will become 57 on Wednesday, August 2. That’s only 4 days away!

I didn’t realize it was that close!

It’s likely that different systems will be upgraded in pieces, so it won’t be the finished product come August 2, but will (mostly) be by September 20, when it rolls into Beta.

The second half of this coming week may be … interesting …


Time travels fast when one isn’t paying attention!

I remember when Nightly officially became 57. Now we are just a couple of days away from Release becoming 57! If release 57 is as good as Nightly 57 was, most Firefox users are in for a real treat!

However, I am expecting the boards to be very busy starting Tuesday with users scrambling to find replacements for their LEGACY extensions. (I may have to remind myself: it isn’t personal, it’s normal frustration.) I hope everything else goes smoothly!

Good luck, everyone!