No SCSS / SASS support on Developer Edition Inspector?

(Jack70) #1

Most developers I know work with SASS. Like Chrome Inspector reads SASS source maps. Will this be built in?

(J. Ryan Stinnett) #2

There is some support for CSS source maps in Firefox DevTools.

The inspector’s rules view should show the line number in the original source / SASS file.

The style editor should show the original source / SASS file.

If you don’t see this, make sure “Enable Source Maps” is on in the options panel (click gear icon).

Here’s a demo page you can try:

(Jack70) #3

Thank you for your reaction. In your example it indeed works, on my project it does not. I tried a couple things like disabling gzip and timestamp (after filename), but no result. I guess this is still under development.

(Jack70) #4

I analysed this a bit further, maybe the cause of the problem is an invalid https certificate which I set up on my local development environment to simulate the production environment.
Chrome has no problems with it. I noticed this because a likewise project I have setup without https does use the source maps.

[EDIT] it is not the cause. Is there any debug method to track the cause? I use Zurb Foundation. Thx