Sources Not Loading

(Dylan) #1

I’m having an issue in the developer tools where my sources won’t load if I’ve turned off source maps. They just sit at Loading... for forever. This is happening for me in both Firefox Developer Edition 58.0b9 and the latest Nightly 59.0a1.

I tried to recreate the issue with devtools-html/debugger.html but was unable to get the same effect.

If anybody has any suggestions or debugging tips it would be greatly appreciated.

I’m running macOS Sierra at 10.12.6 on a 2016 MacBook Pro

(Tom Tromey) #2

This sounds like bug 1410590.

(Dylan) #3

Yeah that sounds exactly like it. I tracked down the issue to Firefox not providing sourceMaps via the toolbox when that preference is off.

I also tried my hand at fixing it: but after this I realized the problem extends a lot further with sourceMaps being expected all over the debugger. I’m almost thinking it would be easier to create a stubbed sourceMaps if Firefox doesn’t provide one.