Nominating Mozillian of the Month - Adarsh Kumar

It’s my pleasure to nominate Adarsh Kumar for the Mozillian of the Month - July 2019.

Adarsh has been contributing in the Mozilla India Community since 2018.
He has contributed in Open Design and the Campus Club Program.
He has helped the community with the design for the Privacy Month Campaign and other social media creatives.

He has also founded the Campus Club in his college which conducts workshops weekly on various topics for about Open Source and Healthy Internet.

He believes, “Even if there is one student that wants to learn, we should deliver the content with the same passion because the willingness to learn is all that matters in the end.”

I had a chance to work closely with Adarsh in a WebVR workshop last year and I learned that it was because of him that the Mozilla Community in Pune has become even more active.

Adarsh has mentored a lot of his college juniors who are now contributing to Mozilla and are exploring their way through the community.

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I am glad to see Adarsh is nominated for MoM. I would like to vote him for his work , which he is doing for Mozilla India community ,is very impressive. For his graphics related stuff, we have got many new engagements over our social media channels.
Keep the good work Adarsh!



can you share some of his graphic works here? Would like to see it!

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Yup surely @irvin

these are some of them


Please vote for Adarsh by Like in the following thread,

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