Nominating Mozillian of the month - Vishal Das

I’d like to nominate Vishal Das from Mozilla Punjab, who has always been an active voice of Mozilla Mission starting his journey from LPU to working towards the larger Punjab community.

Mozillians profile:

About Vishal Das:
Vishal Das is committed to the ideology of working in open, his open leadership skills contributed to the energetic and active community in Punjab, India. He is passionate about advocating Internet Freedom and Software Freedom to newbies and recruiting volunteers to projects and campaigns. India’s privacy movement need upcoming young leaders like Vishal to increase its outreach and get strong.

  • Maintainer of Mozilla Open Design Repo
  • Lead Privacy Month Campaign by Mozilla Punjab, created graphics, done translations, increased outreach.
  • Organised events of, Firefox release parties, recruitment drives for newbie FOSS contributors.
  • Now working on great plans for growth of Mozilla Punjab.

How I helped him as rep:
As a Rep I helped him understanding Mozilla Mission and organisational structure. It’s been a wonderful experience guiding him in establishing Mozilla Punjab and their team in resolving many hurdles in the journey, I was always inspired by the collectivism of team behind Vishal and Vishal’s role in nurturing such team. I mentored him in prioritizing activities under privacy theme. Looking forward to work with Vishal in future to build a more diverse and inclusive communities which will contribute for internet health, together.


@ranjithraj nice, can you share some of his work on Open Design and Privacy Month? and the growth plan of Mozilla Punjab? (if available)

You can find tweets in Privacy month at

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