Nominating Mozillian of the Month - Harshita Arya

I’ld like to nominate Harshita Arya from Mozilla Odisha, who started her journey as mozillian in KIIT, Bhubaneshwar and now working towards growth of movement in Odisha state.

Mozillians profile:

About Harshita Arya:
Harshita is brave, takes initiative in self-assigning complex challenges, champ in community building and conflict management, potential future leader of privacy movement and internet health.

She started WoMoz in Bhubaneshwar, recruited women volunteers and mentored them in learning various FOSS technologies. She being a full stack developer, organized series of web development training sessions for club members.

How I helped her as rep:

Cryptoparty Bhubaneshwar was my first event to work with Harshita, I helped her understand about global mass surveillance programs like PRISM by NSA and safeguarding ourselves from it with privacy alternatives at, with a conclusion privacy can be best achieved with Encryption and Free Software which is decentralized-by-design. Discussions after the event continued, I helped her understand the importance of campaign, detailed discussion on Policy India Strategy 2019 which emphasizes on the significance of creating awareness around privacy and data protection in India.

I’ve discussed with her about my work with organizing WoMoz events , and new initiatives from Diversity and Inclusion team at Mozilla and its functionality, how to ensure CPG in communities she is building up.


Hi @r_TlfPuogHW2i9hdoQY1tGww, due to the collapse at the same time as the Council vote, we’re canceling this month’s Mozillian of the Month competition. We will return on 10/27 to start a new round.

We will reserve this nomination of Harshita Arya until than, so you don’t need to re-nominate her again.

Please support Harshita by vote in the following thread,

I would like to nominate Harshita Arya from Mozilla for her selfless contribution to this organization


Thanks Atrayee…For your kind words