Nominating Mozillian of the Month - Mario Garcia

(Lasr21) #1

This is my first nomination for Mozillian of the month. I want to nominate Mario Garcia, he’s an amazing Mozillian from :mexico: promoting and sharing MozLove :heart: all around Latin America.

you can find him at

Why Mario

Mario’s have been sharing his knowledge around open source since really long time ago, you can find him presenting at python conferences or giving a Rust workshop in small cities around Mexico, he write this amazing post about what it means for him been an Mozillian.

He’s helping with this Moz Open leader cohort as a mentor and speaker he deserve be Mozillian of the month.

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Voting for Mozillian of the Month, March (end 4/21 15:00 UTC)
(Irvin Chen) #2

The voting of Mozillian of the Month (March) recognition starts now! Please goes to the following thread to voting by Like.