Number of Nightly users

  • Do we know how many Nightly users do we have right now?
  • And per country?
  • How many more we would need to feel confortable?

I think that @pascal as all the answers :slight_smile:


That doesn’t tell users anywhere. The “ADI” it displays is a (not that good) measure that just comes from how often the add-on blocklist was requested within a day (which by default every installation tries to do once per day, but there are some known flaws with it).

Here are some early 2017 stats on where our users are:

As the link on arewestableyet indicates (although it is not very accurate), we are in the 10s of thousands range. In the ideal world I dream of, we would hundreds of thousands of Nightly users :wink:

That said, if we could just get closer to 100,000 that would already be a major achievement because the population that uses nightly are power-users they are not (and shouldn’t be) the general public.

Qualitatively, as you can see on the slide above, unlike Release, we don’t have nightly users everywhere in the world which means that we don’t have a good representation of the web and usage in many locations.


Joining Nightly from Paraguay on Windows 7. :smile: