October 3 WebExtensions APIs Triage

(Caitlin Neiman) #1

The following WebExtensions APIs will be sorted and prioritized at the October 3 triage meeting at 17:30 UTC/10:30am Pacific. If any of these APIs impact or interest you, please join us. For more information about the meeting, please visit the triage wiki.

  • Bug 1325758 - Ability to specify insertion point for contextMenu item or submenu

  • Bug 1391845 - WebExtensions API for setting the awesomebar’s placeholder text

  • Bug 1385965 - WebExtension API to read synchronized tab data

  • Bug 1401506 - API to change extensions UI language individually

  • Bug 1401391 - Add ability to save/preserve file modification time when downloading file

  • Bug 1399885 - Consider adding browser.{windows,tabs}.onBeforeRemoved

If you would like to submit a WebExtensions Experiment for feedback, please file an issue on Github and let us know.