On Initial setup, I only have Inbox and no other folders. BETA

I was a little surprised to force donate for something that I’ve never tried. But of course I did just enough to try it.

I just downloaded and installed the BETA. When the install all started coming together I said GREAT! I could see all my normal “me-created” folders from Gmail in the left. At that same moment a small window popped up saying to the effect that the password was wrong and put in another. So I did, corrected this time. And when I did that all my folders disappeared but Inbox. I wanted the program as I thought it would give me all my folders. What have I done wrong? Why were they there and just disappeared. I can find no way to get them back. I thank anyone in advance that can help me. I may have to uninstall this if I can’t find out how to get all those “me created” folders from Gmail. Thanks!!