New Design of the Beta Version of Thunderbird

Hi TB designers,
Thanks for the new Beta release 77.0b2 (32bit). Smoother than ever.
However, the design of the folders is very difficult to read. Everything is white and blue which makes it very difficult to see when a new email arrives. All icons look the same and the font color too. The previous version was much better to identify where is what.
Any possibility to make folders with color difference?
Thanks a lot.

Hi - I’m okay with the colors and folders, but don’t think it looks as good as it did before. But I have other issues.

First, the “Get Mail” button/shortcut disappeared - now you have to right click on each email account in the folder list and select “Get Mail.” Less efficient, and not intuitive. It took me two days to figure this out, and I’ve been designing GUI interfaces since the 1990s.

Then the “Write Mail” button disappeared. The only way I know of now to create a new email is with Control+N. I’d rather just click a button.

But the last straw? The hidden Address Book! I can’t find it anywhere. I keep a lot of information about my contacts in that Address Book. and for some, that’s the only place I have it because they’re not in my phone (no phone number). Please put it back and make it easy to find again!

The Get Messages, Write and Address Book buttons are visible here in 77b, so maybe the Mail Toolbar is hidden. Press Alt if the Menu Bar is hidden, then enable toolbars under View/Toolbars.

Shift+F5 = Get all new messages, F5 = Get messages for selected account
Address Book = Ctrl+Shift+B