Only partial model is initialized during fine tuning

Hi, I am a novice in TTS (and machine learning in general) and I apologize in advance if this question is dumb.

I am trying to fine tune the released Tacotron2 DDC model from the wiki. However, I am unable to initialize the downloaded model fully. As shown below, only 85/105 layers were restored.

The above output was obtained with the following settings:

All codes used were from the current master branch e9e0784
The config file was nearly identical to this file , and I only updated the necessary path information.

After some exploring on the past discussions and issues, I tried 2 ways to resolve this problem.

Method 1: Use the right commit version for the released Model

Result: Similar to the output above.

Method 2: Use the config.json inside the google drive for tacotron2DDC.

Got this error:
AssertionError: [!] decoder_loss_alpha not defined in config.json

I am quite lost on why I cannot load the complete model, and I hope someone can point me in a direction for further investigation.

Thank you for reading and stay safe.