Opening the SSO dashboard to Mozilla Communities


With immediate effect, please use the SSO Dashboard ( It is your personalized Mozilla applications directory.

The Longer Story


On July 18 2017 we made a small change with a major impact: Passwordless login was enabled for the SSO Dashboard. This is equivalent to a public launch of the Dashboard.

The Dashboard serves as an application launcher. It provides a real-time view of the communication & collaboration applications you can access at Mozilla.

For most Volunteers this currently consists of a set of 5 applications and services:

Additionally the Dashboard provides you with a convenient way to edit/update your profile.

Lastly, we are looking for all the help we can get in testing Firefox Nightly. So under some circumstances we display a corresponding notification. Given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow*.


Single sign-on is not yet working. This will be addressed with a future product enhancement to Auth0 Passwordless. In the meantime you are able to log in via passwordless to the Dashboard and then login again on the application you launch from the Dashboard. Not very convenient but it still allows you to benefit from the central application launcher value proposition.

Next Steps

Moving ahead, the SSO Dashboard will include more applications and services listed for Volunteer use as the IAM initiative progresses. We also plan to implement security alerts. Additionally, fancy new brand aligned icons are in the works for Reps, Moderator, Discourse, and Mozillians (thank you Mozilla’s Open Design community).

Call for Contributions

Do you miss any applications? Please let us know by commenting in the Dashboard Discourse Category. We also accept pull requests on apps.yml.


When there will be the single sign on all the mozillians will enjoy better the UX of the new login.
I will offer an Italian pizza in Italy for who add this feature (maybe we can find a contributor :smiley: in that way that want do that)!

@Mte90, we need to wait for an upgrade from Auth0 to their Passwordless capabilities. It seems that this might happen sometime before the end of the year. So let’s keep our fingers crossed. :crossed_fingers:

I don’t want to offer to them an Italian pizza :-/
I can ping them to speed up that integration in case but with no pizza :joy:

(off topic)

If you know people who can influence backlog priorization at Auth0, could you please ask them to get this implemented:

We need this Auth0 capability in order to enable Mozilla’s IAM users to log in with any identity that is linked on their profile. Example: I could log in to Discourse using passwordless email or Github and would always end up in my profile.


In applications that I use a lot in addition to the one that have been listed, is

Is it complicated to add it to the side of the other SSO ?


Hi @hellosct1,

I created
Let’s see if it is accepted.

Best regards,

@hellosct1, the PR was merged and deployed to PROD:

:heart: and thanks @akrug!!


Thanks for the flag Henrik. :slight_smile: