Option for hiding title bar in FireFox


not long ago I’ve discovered the news about ditching the XUL -based Add-ons for FF in favor of WebExtensions. That sounds nice, but I’m afraid, that by looking and the WE possibilities some addon’s won’t be able to convert to WE format.

One I’m using is Hide Caption Titlebar Plus addon, that saves me some vertical space by removing system titlebar.

That is not a problem for Windows users as they already have “tabs on titlebar” feature, bu I would like that feature also available on Linux or at least to have this as an option. i believe a lot of Linux users would to have this feature as well.



I no longer have this problem since I switched from Unity to Gnome Shell. If you are a Ubuntu user, given that they are moving back to Gnome as the default environment, you will soon no longer need it to gain vertical space. I don’t have experience with KDE/XFCE or other environments, I don’t know if this extension would still be useful for those.

Cinnamon and MATE user here. And it’s a problem on both. Nobody would want to switch it’s desktop environment because of a browser, that can’t look the same on every system.

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Firefox is a GTK3 app and as far as I can tell it doesn’t take more vertical space than other apps in Gnome Shell which is what I am using, that’s all I am saying.

Don’t worry, v57 which will kill off XUL will have that option on GNU/Linux https://people-mozilla.org/~shorlander/projects/photon/Mockups/linux.html

I hope it will. I guess I’ve been worrying for nothing.


I use Pixel Saver on Gnome and it’s pretty cool. Not sure if other DEs have similar extensions/apps.

I use HTitle which reproduce the behavior of GNOME to save some vertical space (with a few tweak to save more)

I also used HTitle but gave it up for Pixel Saver since I noticed legacy addons slow down the browser a lot. I don’t know why but they do. Also HTitle works only for Firefox while Pixel Saver works for all GTK2 apps.

Ok, so I’ve just tried it out and the system title bar remained. The on-tabs window controls come out when I’m doing the full screen mode. Maybe I can enforce it somewhere in about:config page?

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Right now I just turn off auto-hide in full screen and I brows in full screen mode, but I would love to see this implemented in non-full screen mode still.

Here is what I change in about:config
browser.fullscreen.autohide; false

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There is this WebExtension https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/hide-title-bar/?src=search

You need to run a local script. I did not test it.

Didn’t worked on Cinnamon environment. More over I’ve experienced some weird behavior with 56 FF instance, once I’ve launched Developer Edition with installed plugin and script. Oh well…

by Aleksandr Seleznev (Developer) of HTitle

Web Extension API doesn’t provide any way to hide titlebar. You can try to use external process via Native Messaging API, but it isn’t good solution (a very bad hack actually) and will have complicated installation instruction. I have no plan to make it.

Mozilla Firefox will have native support for CSD soon (not sure that it will be shipped in Fx 57). You can track progress and help with testing for example.


Here is a Link of how it looks if anyone is interested.


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