Organise Reps Weekly calls in Mozilla Hubs

(Ranjith Raj) #1

What is Mozilla Hubs?

Hubs is a new way to get together online within Mixed Reality, right in your browser.

Mozilla Hubs needs more love. It needs people to use it, give feedback to the Mixed reality team on how it can be improvised.
As reps, like we promote using Nightly, it’s good we be the front-runner to use Mozilla Hubs and contribute to make it great.

Instead of using some third-party apps like Vidyo - which crashes often, is not just a technical glitch but turning out to be exclusion

Data Privacy and Surveillance:
it’s good to opt for our own Hubs where we can trust Mozilla on how our data can be handled, we can avoid giving our video data to surveillance tech for their deep learning algorithms.

Read experiences of #participationsystems team standup in Hubs.

(Daniele Scasciafratte) #2

I don’t think that we are ready.

Right now we need the recordings of that meeting (we have like 70 views of that as average), also the screen sharing quite often (as I can remember this is not supported) and that can have like 25-30 people together.

We saw with Vidyo with WebRTC few weeks ago with a lot of problems and the experiment was closed. I think that Hubs too have this problems.

If we can have all the things that we need as written above we can consider a switch, right now switch from a solution with more features to one with less and not working pretty well is not the best option right now.

(Michael Kohler) #3

I agree with Daniele that we definitely need a recording and streaming mechanism. I don’t think Hubs will go down that road, but I could be wrong, we would need to ask them. Without that, I don’t see a switch happening either (even though that would make it way more interesting :))

In terms of number of people Hubs works reliably for, I have no clue. That we definitely could try on our own.



I am not a Rep, but I have done a couple of meetings in Hubs.

Yes, there is no recording, but it is a great way to connect people, especially if they have problems with Vidyo.

It is also a great way to bring people into meetings who may be a bit shy or nervous as you are communicating through robot avatars.