Pashto Language

What’s the process for adding a new language? I would like to see Pashto language being added so I can encourage the community to participate. What do i have to do besides waiting :slight_smile:

You can contribute Pashto sentences already here:

And I think you could ask the maintainers to add Pashto as a language for the Common Voice website, so that the UI strings can be translated.

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Thank you zeno, that’s very helpful. I will use that link to upload sentences. I am just wondering if there is a moderator who could help me add the language so I could load sentences to it.

I think you can just use this upload form:

For adding sentences for your language, no further setup is needed afaik.

The language code of Pashto is “ps”. You may want to add this for clarification to the “Language” field of the upload form.


Someone from mozilla finally responded to me with this info: 📖 Readme: How to see my language on Common Voice

The first step seems to be having the website localized. I have already made this request: Requesting Pashto language in Common Voice

Let’s collaborate on this as we plan to invite more folks once the language is added.

Thank you,
Zalaan Team


There are four main stages:

  • Get the language and Common Voice module added to Pontoon:
  • When the language is added to Pontoon, request that it is added to sentence collector:
  • Translate the interface in Pontoon, there are around 600 strings ~6k tokens.
  • Upload sentences in the sentence collector and validate them. You will need 5000 sentences in total, the sentences must be public domain.

Once the interface is translated and the sentences are uploaded and validated Pashto can be turned on in the Common Voice main site.

The sentence uploading/validation and translation of the site interface can be done in parallel. If you’d like more information I’m happy to take you through it in more detail.