Persona EOL announed!msg/

Persona is dying in November - we need to start working on a way for people to sign in without it soon, and probably figure out how we’re going to phase it out over the next few months.


@leo - yousef said you have code for fxa ready to test? Let’s do this soon.

Please don’t freak out. Take a deep breath and think carefully before replacing an auth system.

We have plenty of time to evaluate all the options. FxA might not be the best choice right now.

As discussed in London Meetup we also have other options we are considering (under the Participation Software Lab) and we need to take this into account. I will be posting more updates on that soon. In the meantime I would advise everyone to sit tight.

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The only question is why?
If the only reason is the support I don’t understand the problem because is a service that not required a maintenance like others and is very important because is used on many sites and is became the authentication system of the Mozilla world for web services.

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Right, that’s what I was hoping we could do, rather than waiting until November and realizing “oh shit, we have to find something quick”.

The plan has always been to try and keep parity with Mozillians. This is obviously a problem Mozilla needs to fix as well. It seems silly to assume that they aren’t already thinking about this now.

What we do need to figure out is a timeline. When do we need to have an alternative decided on so that we can implement it in the sites we control? If EoL is November, is September the deadline? Maybe July for a bit more time?

For Community Ops, this only affects Discourse, yes? We know that many other authentication systems work on Discourse, it’s just the Mozillians API connections that would be disrupted.

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Any updates on this as would be good to get it resolved soon like google auth to the site