Personas Plus: login bug

(Thel) #1

When I click on the PP icon, which shows the window with the Installed, Favorites, Featured and Custom tabs, it wants me to log in to access my favorites. Fair enough. It takes me to, which shows I am already logged in (in the header), but the form below shows the “Log in with Firefox Accounts” and the Continue button. I log in. It tells me I am already logged in. And back to square one. This has been going on for about three weeks now.
Any ideas/commiseration?
Many thanks!

(Andreas Wagner) #2

Thank you for letting us know and apologies for the inconvenience.

Something changed on the server-side which broke that feature. I just released a new version, you should receive the update shortly and then it should be back to normal.

(Thel) #3

I’ve just checked and it’s fixed already. That was fast! Thank you very much for your help.