[Support] Personas Plus

(Jorge) #1

Support thread for the Personas Plus add-on.


PersonasPlus doesn’t work (on Mac) with Rel. 45.
Click on toolbar button gets no response.
Menu bar not complete; clicking on any item
(such as “Default”) gets no response. Image below:

(Jorge) #3

A new version was published today, which should address this problem.

(Busymother) #4

Hello, I have the Personas Plus AND Personas Rotator and it used to work however since firefox upgraded to 48 when I click for it to change it tells me I need to install Personas Plus and it IS installed,

How do I get my themes to change every minute like it did before,

I have Win 10.1 Anniversary, FF 48.0

Please help

(Ma Donnas Personas) #5

Personas Plus is not working as of today. I use it to test my designs and the Custom Persona/Edit doesn’t work. When you click on it, nothing happens. It looks like there was an update on it today.

(SE) #6

Okay, I have no idea why this problem is just now popping up but I’ve just noticed it today.

I’ve had the Personas add-on since Firefox was calling it Get Personas-- way before firefox sync accounts seemed to be around, so I had an email address and login for the Personas add-on and it differs from my Firefox Sync account.

I went to change my persona earlier and it prompted me to sign-in. Usually this isn’t a problem and I use my old Get-Personas information to sign in and see my list of favorite personas again. This time, it forced me to the Firefox Sync Log-on screen and would NOT take my old Get Personas information. It would say “Unknown account” whenever I tried to login. I tried to reset the password for that account thinking maybe I had changed it and forgotten (little chance), and I still got the “Unknown account” message.

So, I signed in with the Sync account to verify that my personas weren’t somehow moved to that account (they weren’t) and was prompted to create a username. I wrote down the one I used in Personas (Sinais) and it refused to let me use it because it was already taken. So, my Personas account still exists somewhere but for some reason I can no longer access it to actually reach my personas. I’m more than a little bit irritated at the moment.

Any idea what’s going on, and how to get personas to log in with the correct account that obviously exists but firefox has lost somewhere? I had a long list of favorite personas on that.

(Jorge) #7

Authentication is based on email address. We changed the authentication system a few months ago, but the accounts are still linked to their previous email addresses. All you need to do to access your themes and previous username is create a new account, using the same email address you used before. I suppose that’s different from your Sync address, or otherwise you should already have access to them.

(SE) #8

Okay, I’ll try that thanks! I didn’t realize it had been changed to where you couldn’t just login to the personas add-on separately as we had been doing.

You guys might consider having some sort of notice on Personas logon for older users of the add-on who likely used older accounts/emails. :slight_smile:

(Nico) #9

Personas Plus is no more compatible with Firefox 55. Is there a reason for this? As far as I know, users can not test their themes any more before submitting them on AMO. Thanks !


Hi, I am new to Firefox and Personas Plus, so I don’t know if this is a new issue with Quantum or not, but I noticed that when I make a theme, the ‘accent color’ blocks the bottom part of my bookmarks. Here is a picture showing what I mean: https://i.imgur.com/Mcz8JpZ.png. Is it possible to disable the accent or move it down more so that it doesn’t overlap the bookmarks bar?

(Bev) #11

i apply a theme click on a new tab no theme. I open browser later. no theme and i have to reapply. How do i fix this?


I’m having the exact same problem as above. I click on an installed theme and it shows up like normal, but if I open a new window or a new tab within any of the windows the theme disappears and I’m left with a plain white theme. It does this everytime. Any fix for this? This has been happening for quite a while now, ever since the new FF update. I’m currently on Firefox Quantum 57.0.4 (64-bit) and the latest version of Personas Plus (version 2.0.0).

(Tenrag) #13

Same here, I create a custom theme, apply it and it works only for that one window. When I open a new one the custom theme is not appiled. The only way then is to setup the custom theme from scrach for every new window which is just unacceptable.

(Malaus1) #14

Me too as above. Very disappointed that this has not been rectified by now. The change to Firefox Quantum has caused a lot of grief with add ons.

(Shadowalker01) #15


Is Personas Plus supposed to work on Firefox Quantum Mobile for Android? It doesn’t say that it is incompatible with my version of FF on the add-on’s page, but for some reason, it will not display a custom bar. It is 3000 x 200, the recommended size for the desktop version, and is the same bar as my desktop one.

I have tried saving the jpg in various spots, the internal memory on the phone along with the SD card, and no luck.

Since one of the options given was from my camera and it starts up the camera on my phone when I push that, I even tried taking a pick right then and there, still with no luck.