Philips Hue motion sensor Illumination not working

I recently purchased the Philips Hue Motion Sensor because it claimed to support day/night activation. However, it seems my IOT gateway only reads the Illumination value one time and then never updates it again until the gateway reboots. Is there something special I need to to to activate the Illumination sensor? My plan is to use this device to control an outside light during darkness, i.e. I don’t want the device to activate if the Illuminance level is above a certain value.
I have managed to create a rule that activates the light and starts a timer, and a second rule to turn off and reset the timer when it expires. All I need to add is the comparison with the updated Illumination value.
Any suggestions?
Would a different motion sensor make this easier?

Are you using the Hue add-on or the Zigbee add-on?

Hi, I’m using native ZigBee and do not have a Hue Bridge. I have not activated the Philips Hue add-on.

Would you mind opening an issue here, so that we can track it?