General troubleshooting tips/guide?

Last week, I got the WebThings Gateway setup on a Raspberry PI. I currently have three (Hue) bulbs hooked up. I ran into an issue where basically all of the lights stopped responding/working; even after removing and re-adding them. Eventually i just started over by reinstalling the Gateway.

Right now I’m running into an issue with one of the lights, it has the temperature slider, but it doesn’t work, it’s locked in at “50”, and can’t be adjusted.

I can try to do some troubleshooting on my own, but I don’t know what to do/look for. Is there a general troubleshooting/debugging guide or something I can look at?

Are you using the Zigbee add-on or the Philips Hue add-on?

I’m using the Zigbee add-on with a ConBee II. :smiley:

I have had this exact same behavior with Halo lights. The color temperature slider does not show the color temp, but rather just a 50. You may even be able to manually type in a color temp, but the slider will not work. In my case, this has managed to fix itself on three different occasions with three different lights. I think it may have been after two or three reboots of the gateway, then waiting about 3-6 hours.

Just curious, If you look at your /.mozilla-iot/data/zigbee-adapter/zb-xxxxxxxxx.json file, what is shown under a color temperture setting? For example, mine looks like this:

“colorTemperature”: {
“name”: “colorTemperature”,
“value”: 3058,
“visible”: true,
“title”: “Color Temperature”,
“type”: “number”,
@type”: “ColorTemperatureProperty”,
“unit”: “kelvin”,
“minimum”: 2702,
“maximum”: 5000,
“profileId”: 260,
“endpoint”: 1,
“clusterId”: 768,
“attr”: “colorTemperature”,
“attrId”: 7,
“fireAndForget”: true,
“bindNeeded”: false,
“configReportNeeded”: false,
“initialReadNeeded”: false

So, looking at this, you can see my temp slider now runs from 2702 thru 5000. Even when it was locked at “50” these numbers were still present. Odd.

Thanks for the update, @mrstegeman, looks like the same issue to me! :smile:

Thanks for the response, @lacojim. Funny you mentioned rebooting the gateway and it fixing itself. That’s basically what happened here! I restarted the gateway, then some time later I turned on the light, and then magically it was working! *shrug!

I found the configuration, if you’re curious, here’s what it looks like:

"colorTemperature": {
  "name": "colorTemperature",
  "value": 4403.4435483871,
  "visible": true,
  "title": "Color Temperature",
  "type": "number",
  "@type": "ColorTemperatureProperty",
  "unit": "kelvin",
  "minimum": 2202,
  "maximum": 6535,
  "profileId": 260,
  "endpoint": 11,
  "clusterId": 768,
  "attr": "colorTemperature",
  "attrId": 7,                                                                                                                                         
  "fireAndForget": true,
  "bindNeeded": false,
  "configReportNeeded": false,
  "initialReadNeeded": false

Thanks again! :smiley:

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Glad it is working for you. This is certainly some quirky behavior. It’s a shame there is no real easy way to troubleshoot it…that I know of.