Is there any photo policy in place for Mozfest14?

Is there any plan to collect and potentially publish creative commons licensed pictures from event? Maybe we could even assemble a small Reps photo team (I’m happy to lead).

I personally plan to take some pictures during the event, have access to a Panasoic Lumix G6 + 20mm Lecia lens. Would be a nice to taking a Group Photo with the Reps who attend the event (have written a short note about it on the wiki under the logistics section).


As far as I know there is no policy in place -pictures can be taken during the event.
We did have all years a group photo with the reps and we want to keep this tradition. Thanks for adding it to the wiki.

As for having a small reps photographers team - we are currently building teh roles Reps wll have with more details. We will have to discuss this afterwards.

Check the roles on the wiki.

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Thanks for info.

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I guess as time gets closer, we can pick a time and place. Last year we did it on the main stage. Thanks


Well, I usually take my DSLR and take a lot of photos. Group photos and anything else. You can usually spot me behind my pentax K5-II. I’ll bring a 16-50mm lens.
My flickr album from last year

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Nice pictures, and thanks for sharing info about your equipment.

One of reasons why I was suggesting to have a small photo team was to get an general idea what equipment we photo interested Reps have access to as it will probably vary, thus means that we might want to focus on getting different types of photos.

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So, I will take my DSLR + 16-50mm f/2.8 which is good for group photos and I can also take portraits (although it’s not the best lens for this, it does the job) and an external flash.
I will also bring a compact camera that reps could borrow to take pictures, if they don’t have their own camera. Still better than most of the phone cameras…

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Nice, do you know what model it is?

Maybe we should even list our equipment on the wiki so its easy for people to come with suggestions what type of shoots we can/should take.

Yes, the compact camera is a panasonic Lumix TZ7. Better than most phones in poor light conditions (especially inside).

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I use a Samsung WB250F point-and-shoot compact. It has a cool touch-button hybrid interface along with direct Wi-Fi connectivity. Takes excellent photos in light but fails to do any good in low-light conditions. Will be bringing this though.

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Due to some unfortunate personal circumstances I won’t able to make it to Mozfest this year. I reaily hope you guys are able to take some awesome pictures (I’m sure you will).