Please change your "We’ve run out of clips to validate" string

I finally found the reason.

That was a long-lasting issue I had, and I can see more people are having this.

The language string has been changed. But because the variable name is the same, it does not come out as a missing translation in Pontoon.

Old form:
listen-empty-state = We’ve run out of clips to validate in this language…

New form:
listen-empty-state = We may have run out of clips - refresh the page, or try again later.

You just need to go to Pontoon, search for “listen-empty-state” and re-translate it accordingly…


I don’t know if the problem is related, but I can’t hear any sentences anymore. It always shows this problem there, it only solves it when I log out of my account. This problem is lasting too long and is ruining the project.

@mary, the problems are not related, the one I mentioned above is about a localization string…

I’m not sure I understand you thou.
Is it an audio problem that you do not hear the spoken sentence?
If you are not provided with any recording validations on the Contribute/Listen tab - even after you refresh the page (you should do it), then there are no recordings left for validation. Every recording already done is either validated or invalidated. But it should be valid whether you are logged in or logged out.

The reverse can happen thou.

By design, you are not allowed to validate your own recordings, at least two other people have to do that.
If you are logged in and you do not have any recordings under Listen for you, other people have to record some sentences for you to validate.
But if you log out, you will not be recognized by the system, so you will be able to hear your own recordings, which is not a good idea.

For further investigation of the problems you are facing, it would be nice to know what language you are talking about.