Please help: Assessment wanted for Marking up a letter

Hello everyone,
I am new on learning HTML,
just wondering anyone can kindly help me to check on the task I just finished. down below, if there were any errors, or things I need to adjust on my code?
Thank you for taking time on helping me,
I really appreciate it!
Task link:
My code

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you doing great well done and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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Turning H2O into wine, and the health benefits of Resveratrol (C14H12O3.)

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Thank you so much! :blush:


you very welcome :slight_smile:

I see a number of things that might cause you trouble.

  1. We type all html in lower case. You list the UTF in upper case and also identify the CSS that way as well.
  2. The <br> tag inserts a line break at the moment it happens in the code. As such, it’s more commonly used at the end of the line, after the text, instead of at the beginning (I.e. in the same place you’d usually hit return to get a line break). You get the same effect in your document, but it. looks weird.
  3. You’ve hit “return” in the code a number of times (e.g. lines 59-64). Although hitting return doesn’t affect the HTML, it looks weird and could cause you readability problems later on.
  4. You’re missing the <em> tags that would be used to italicize words in the first paragraph of section 3 and the first definition of section 3.
  5. You instead used the <em> tags in other places that weren’t how they appeared in the original letter. I don’t know if this is a problem or not.
  6. Esq. is the abbreviation for esquire.

This is at least what I saw on a quick pass.