Assessment wanted for "Marking Up a Letter" task

I would like some feedback on this task. Thank you!


Hi @WebLord2077,

Thanks for posting. I think you are refering to the Introduction to HTML assesment of “Marking up a letter”. To get the most out out if could you possibly put the code in an online shareable editor such as CodePen, jsFiddle, or Glitch.? This will also help you see the code in action. I generally get a local file and use an IDE, in my case VS code, to carry out the task.

Hi @Ran,
thank you for responding. I have put my code on Glitch. Would you be able to verify that I’ve done the task correctly?
Also, is there anyway to edit the original post of this thread?

Hi @WebLord2077
It looks great and very much like what is requested in Marking up a letter on MDN.

I went through the HTML elements and picked up a few things
Maybe use indentation so the code is easier to read i.e with the header section (Can be neater than what I am showing sadly I am not very good at using discourse :grinning:)

                        <strong>Miss Eileen Dover </strong>
                         4321 Cliff Top Edge <br>
		                 Dover, CT9 XXX <br>
		                 UK <br>

I also compared my code to yours and I forgot to do something you did which is declare a header and main. Nice work.

Your ordered and unordered list look good. Dates, accronyms/abbreviations look good.

I ran it through the validator W3C HTML Validator and it came up spotless.

Well done and keep up the studies :muscle:t4::sunglasses:

Thank you for taking the time to check my code :slightly_smiling_face:. I will keep your feedback in mind.

Glad I could help. Have a great weekend :blush: