Please, support for Simple Mail to continue in Firefox 57!

(J3088) #1

With this addon I manage my local mail base. Without it, FF loses a great use for me and leaves me hanging. I go back to FF 56.0.2

(Zach) #2

@j3088 Have you tried Thunderbird?

(J3088) #3

Yes I have tried it and it seems good, but there are two issues:

1.- Nothing is as comfortable, simple and pleasant as managing mail in an FF tab.

2.- I do not know how I could pass to Thunderbird keeping the local mail database that I have in SimpleMail.

Thanks for your suggestion.

(OLandry) #4

Has SimpleMail development continued for FF57+? After the loss of SM, I switched over to Opera and went back to Thunderbird. If SM is being developed for the new FF architecture, I would go back to FF.