Some ideas

I use Thunderbird on Mac and after a ton of experimentation with other clients (Mail, Airmail, Spark, Postbox) i concluded that Thunderbird is the only professional one.
The biggest problems with these clients are:

  • Mail: chronic problem with attachments and inline image
  • Airmail: good functions but unstable, problems with import/export local folder
  • Spark: no local folders… + etc
  • Postbox: can’t set a “send later” button to avoid unintentional sending and TB plugins doesn’t work

Thunderbird is the best at the moment but there’s some potential:

  • improve search = single + clear + intelligent (multiple criteria! “from/to” + “subject/text”) mail-search4
    search box like on Mail Mac … and results in the same window

  • two line preview of the message on the messages list

  • better integration with MacOs (Touch Bar, attachment preview with spacebar, new email from dockbar icon, etc)

  • Undo Send like mailbutler, simple!!
    (by the moment on thunderbird I use Send Later Button + Get/Send-Button)

  • improve design (copy from Mail Mac)

I hope it was helpful, thank you!

Thanks for the feedback! This is very good, citing exact features that you like!

Thank you Ryan for the work that you and your team are doing for make thunderbird even better!
Even though I work a lot of time on computer, unfortunately I’m not a programmer so I hope your team can improve these (and other) functions.
Greetings from Italy

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