Plugin for easy linking from prepared link database

(chojny) #1

Good morning,
i would like to ask if there is a plugin to create something like custom link database for creating the messages. I work with the online shop and lose much time on opening the site, linking the produt for customers i’m responding to etc. For example, i have the 3 products like “Blue jeans size S”, “Green woman tshirt nice style” and got it pre prepared in database in thunderbird, than i want to link them to the customer in mail and i write @GreenTSHIRT and it automaticlaly create the link to this product on my site. Is there something like this ready? My programistic knowdlege tells me that it is very simple thing to do but such a usefull thing…

(Dugite Code) #2

I was going to suggest the QuickText plugin but I had a quick poke with the scripting and couldn’t determine if you could do any HTTP requests, I would assume a http request would be the simplest way to get your data.

Perhaps you could figure out a solution?